The tour features the area's best known celebrity magician. Residing in this area, Dick Brooks (Bravo the Great), is considered one of America's best magicians for all kinds of events from children's birthday parties for all kinds of kids, even those of celebrities, to walk around and stage shows for families, adults and corporations.
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Magicians: Scranton, Wilkes Barre (Pocono region) Appearances, for those who love magic.

About the Houdini Museum and Tour.
The Houdini Museum is located in the Scranton, and Wilkes Barre, Pocono region

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Houdini was the inventor of the concept of the challenge escape. In addition, there are many other reasons Houdini is a legendary figure throughout the world, which are covered in the tour and show at the Houdini Museum. A visit to the Houdini Museum includes an entertaining two hour guided tour with an expert on Houdini. The guide explains the artifacts and tells interesting facts and stories about Houdini. Some of Houdini's secrets are revealed, followed by a demonstration and magic show. The entire presentation changes each year since many visitors return again and again.

The Houdini Museum has full 501 C-3 non profit status from the Internal Revenue Service of the Department of Treasury. The Houdini Museum is dedicated to the greatest magician of all time, and to the city of Scranton, and all of Pennsylvania that embraced him. Of all the magicians past and present, none have captured the imagination of the public as has Harry Houdini. Houdini's name and reputation live on in the hearts and minds of countless millions who have never even seen him perform live or on film. Ask any youngster who is the greatest magician in the world, and they will blurt out "HOUDINI."

The graphics and information in the Houdini Museum and this web Page have been amassed after decades of collecting and research. Much of the information is on exhibit at the Houdini Museum & Tour. Housed in a 5,000 square foot restored turn of the century home the exhibit at the Houdini Museum features many other interesting and historic artifacts of the Houdini era. In addition to Houdini related artifacts such as a milk can, straight jackets, locks, newspaper articles, Houdini movies, and pictures, there is antique furniture, bookcases, an Edison gramaphone, an Edison windup record player, a crank telephone, cast iron toys, Standard Brewery artifacts, and antique postcards of the area dating back to the turn of the century. Even the background music and the decor of the theater reflects the era. In addition each year different media showings and changing live demonstrations are presented that cover a different facet of Houdini's life. There is always something new at the Houdini Museum & Tour! If you are coming through the area make sure to call in advance for schedules and availability.

The Houdini Tour covers the era of the industrial revolution, a very important time in our nation's and Scranton's history as well. Houdini, of course, was and still is one of the most famous theatrical personalities in history. Houdini worked every major show spot in the world. Our area was an important stop on the vaudeville circuit and Houdini and his brother appeared here many times. There is rarely a film story on the vaudeville era that does not mention Scranton as a stopping point on the theatrical circuit. The Houdini Tour also covers much local history as well as Houdini and his brother's historic escapes, challenges and exposures of frauds in our area. A book, "Houdini in Scranton & Pennsylvania" is currently availabe. about these exploits.
magician ...Board Member Dorothy Dietrich.
Dorothy Dietrich, one of the best known woman magicians in the world, is on our Board of Directors. Shown here on the Robert Klein Show. She has appeared on many TV specials and major show spots (see separate section).

magician ...Board member John Bravo
John Bravo(aka Dick Brooks) pictured here with Brooke Shields while performing at the world famous Copacabanna in New York. He ran New York"s famous Magic Towne House for 15 years and was owner and publisher of Hocus Pocus Magazine. The Houdini Museum has been in Scranton for nine years and opened to the general public three years ago.

The Houdini Museum has won awards two years in a row for our contributions to recreation and tourism by the Economic Development Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Pocono Northeast Development Fund. We have had stories featuring Houdini and the tour in local and national TV and print. The most recent is a travel channel Magic Road Trip show. Hardly a day goes by when one doesn't find reference to Houdini in the various media.

We are glad to report that we continue to gain in popularity as time goes by. We expect to be sold out many days this next tourist season, and believe by the following year we will be on the lookout for a larger facility. During the winter months the Houdini Museum has limited hours and is openweekends from Memorial Day weekend and June Weekends and every day (7 days a week from July 1 through Labor Day wweend. For further information contact the Museum Director, Dorothy Dietrich, at (570) 342-5555.

There are other interesting tourist destinations in our area as well, which can be seen on the Pocono Fun Guide Pages.


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