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Newspaper-Scranton Times. The Lackawanna - Scranton area has often been called "The Historic Jewel of the Pocono Mountains Region". The largest city in North East PA., Scranton was famous as the "Hub of the North East" throughout the period of the Industrial Revolution.

The area's contribution to the growth of America is immense. Scranton was once the 37th largest city in America. For some 50 or more years during the rapid growth and expansion of our county Scranton was the second largest steel producing city in the United States. The first city in the Americas with the technology to manufacture rail road tracks. Locomotives were manufactured here as well.

Known also as "The Electric City, Scranton was one of the first cities in the United States to electrify its streets, even before New York. Because of this the first regularly scheduled trolly route was established here as well.

The area has the largest deposits of anthracite coal in the world and for some 100 years supplied the nation with one of its most important sources of energy.

Scranton was also known as a leading vaudeville town with a reputation on the big time for having the toughest audiences in the country. Vaudeville performers all knew the phrase, "If you can play Scranton, you can play anywhere!"

Because of this history some of NE PA's most historic tours are available in the area that include The Famous Houdini Tour & Show, a fun family entertainment.