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Web Page provided by Scranton's Houdini Museum. An exciting new vision for a great city.

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Scranton Tommorow
Scrantonians plan a vision for Scranton into the 21st century.

Scranton Vision Statement

Scranton, in the year 2010, is alive with a spirit of hope, pride and enthusiasm. As Scrantonians, we recognize our responsibility and power to keep our city a thriving community of purpose. Our citizens are energetically working toward this goal. With a renewed positive attitude, we gather the best of our energies and draw upon our heritage of concern, compassion and cooperation to make Scranton a vibrant City the best it can be for an who live and work here.

With a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective government, we benefit from low taxes and no tax waste. The application of sound, private sector business principles to the city' s management process has resulted in a more regional and varied approach to providing municipal services. An advisory council of neighborhood, business and community leaders, and the city administration have worked together to help Scranton become financially sound.

The strong alliance of private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies has given rise to a renewed entrepreneurial spirit in Scranton, This spirit has created a thriving downtown district and an active retail industry, supported by national corporations that have made the city their home. Secure quality jobs with excellent wages and opportunities abound. Our National Park, conference and cultural centers continuously bring visitors to the city from throughout the world, and the tourism industry is booming, Strong inter city and intra-city rail, highway, and air transportation has made Scranton the communications and cultural hub of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Attractive neighborhoods surround the downtown district and are bustling with activity. Scranton is a friendly, caring, growing community offering desirable housing for all ages, including downtown residences and many affordable owner occupied properties. The city is proud of its ethnic diversity and richness, and welcomes new arrivals. Young families enthusiastically claim their roots here. Our seniors are safe and comfortable, and have opportunities for enjoyment of leisure time.

Our prime location in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains is enhanced with the development of parks, the Lackawanna River walking and biking trails, tree-lined streets and an extensive environmental protection program Arts, entertainment, historical, recreational and sports activities centers provide countless Opportunities for enjoyment for all ages, as well as outlets for promoting local talent.

Educational institutions offer, at every level, programs encouraging lifelong learning and prepare people of all ages to develop their skills and gifts to the fullest. State-of-the art health care facilities provide affordable, high quality, compassionate service to all people. Always mindful of those in need. our excellent social service programs and vibrant religious communities assist the frailest in our midst to achieve independent living with dignity.

Life in Scranton brings out the best among its residents who work together to create a hope-filled future. We demonstrate for the world what is possible for those who dare to believe in their dreams.

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